Medex Bio Gelee Royale Forte 10X9 ML

MEDEX SKU: 33332629
Medex Bio Gelee Royale Forte 10X9 ML

Medex Bio Gelee Royale Forte 10X9 ML

MEDEX SKU: 33332629
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  • The strongest member of the Medex family of quality Gelée Royale royal jellies
  • All ingredients are organically produced
  • With standardised content of 10-HDA and vitamin C for extra power
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The strongest royal jelly by Medex

The strongest member of the Medex family of quality and verified Gelée Royale royal jellies.

Each convenient BIO Gelée Royale Forte bottle, with which you can make a toast to a new day, contains 1500 mg of royal jelly with a standardised content of the most important ingredient, 10 HDA, a substance found exclusively in royal jelly.

Adults with a very active lifestyle
Adults with a highly stressful lifestyle
Individuals who are recovering after a (severe) illness
All those who carefully choose products from organic production
All those who need a truly strong support for the immune system
All those who appreciate the exceptional value and efficiency of royal jelly

Royal jelly has always been used for a wide range of purposes and today traditional use is also supported by the results of clinical studies. It contains a unique complex of active substances, among which the 10 HDA fatty acid which cannot be found anywhere else in nature.

This acid is also the key quality indicator of royal jelly, this is why Medex has standardised its Gelée Royale line on order to be able to guarantee product quality and efficiency.

Recommended daily dose:
For children and adults its 1 bottle
Drink it before breakfast, on its own or diluted with water. We recommend at least 3 months of use.
Drink the content of the bottle in the morning on an empty stomach, on its own or diluted with water. The bottles are safe and easy to use.

Water, agave syrup 40%, fresh royal jelly 15%, powdered acerola juice (source of vitamin C), citron essential oil.

Vitamin C =12 mg (15% NRV)

10 HDA = 21 mg

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Why choose Gelee Royale by Medex

Because royal jelly contains a standardised content of 10-HDA unsaturated fatty acid.

Why choose BIO Gelee Royale forte

Because it contains 1500 mg of organically produced royal jelly and vitamin C from organically produced acerola, dissolved in agave syrup also from organic production.

Who is Bio Gelee Royale forte particularly recommended to

All those with a very active lifestyle (stress, many obligations, chronic and recurring medical conditions, etc.) and needing as much support for the immune system as possible.

Why is Gelee Royale in glass bottles

Because glass packaging ensures and preserves the quality of the product.

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