Medex Guarana Natural Energy 5X9 ML

MEDEX SKU: 33332627
Medex Guarana Natural Energy 5X9 ML

Medex Guarana Natural Energy 5X9 ML

MEDEX SKU: 33332627
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  • 100 mg natural caffeine from guarana in a single bottle
  • When you need more energy and additional concentration
  • With a balanced and long-lasting effect
  • Natural, free from gluten and lactose
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Guarana is a plant native to South America that contains twice the amount of caffeine in its seeds than coffee and its effect is slightly different than with coffee. Due to the combination with other components, guaranine in guarana is released in blood more slowly and steadily than caffeine from coffee, that is why the effect of guarana on the body is more moderate and we feel it for longer, from 4 to 6 hours. The advantage of guarana compared to coffee is that in addition to a longer lasting energy boost it also has an effect on concentration.

All those who are looking for a solution to fatigue, but would like to avoid drinking coffee
Students during the exam period for a longer concentration
Drivers or passengers on long business trips or drives
All those who are always trying to meet deadlines and need an additional energy boost

The recommended daily dose is the content of 1 bottle.
Shake well before use and drink. The product is recommended for increased physical and mental activities, such as work, learning, driving, exercise, parties ...

Water, cane sugar, aqueous extract from powdered guarana seeds (Paullinia cupana) (maltodextrine) 10%, concentrated chokeberry juice, concentrated blackberry juice, powdered acerola extract (Malpighia glabra), niacin and preservatives: potassium sorbate.

Caffeine from guarana:

100 mg


2,4 mg (15% NRV)

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Why has guarana a longer effect then coffe

Guarana has a high content of natural caffeine which enters the bloodstream at a much slower rate than caffeine from coffee. This is why its effect is longer and more balanced.

Why a glass packaging

Glass offers the best protection against external influences, it preserves the flavour and scent of the product and enables a better preservation of the antioxidant properties of natural ingredients.

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