Otrivin Pediatric Nasal Drops, 0.05%, 10ml

Otrivin SKU: 33309536
Otrivin Pediatric Nasal Drops, 0.05%, 10ml

Otrivin Pediatric Nasal Drops, 0.05%, 10ml

Otrivin SKU: 33309536
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Otrivin Pediatric Nasal Drops relieves baby’s nasal passage to help breathe and feel better.

Otrivin 0.05% Pediatric Nasal Drops contains xylometazoline hydrochloride, the number one nasal decongestant. It rapidly relieves nasal congestion by locally constricting blood vessels in the nasal mucosa, reducing the swelling and opening the airways. It also facilitates drainage of the openings that connect the sinuses to the nasal cavity to ensure they remain open.

How to Use

1. Clear your nose/your child’s nose gently.
2. Before using, practice using the dropper to develop good dosage control.
3. Tilt your head/your child’s head back as far as is comfortable or, if lying on a bed, hang the head over the side.
4. Without touching the dropper to the nose, apply the drops into each nostril and keep the head tilted back for a short time to allow the drops to spread throughout the nose.
5. If the drop completely misses your nose, administer the drop again.
6. If any part of the drop gets into your nose, do not administer the drop again.
7. Repeat with the other nostril.
8. Clean and dry the dropper before replacing it back into the bottle right after use.
9. To avoid possible spread of infection, the bottle should only be used by one person.

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