Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray 100ml

Bioclin SKU: 33327241
Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray 100ml

Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray 100ml

Bioclin SKU: 33327241
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Bioclin Deo Intimate Spray is for perspiration in the intimate areas. It specifically formulated to prevent bad odors in the male and female genital regions, providing maximum comfort and long-lasting freshness.

The groin area is home to a number of apocrine sweat glands and sebaceous glands. It also tends to remain warm and moist, as the build-up of apocrine sweat and sebum (oil), create the optimal conditions for the growth and increased metabolism of microflora on the skin. Bioclin Deo Intimate is the ideal solution because it keeps sweat and odor under control in the long term, does not inhibit the natural perspiration process or physiologically alter the skin’s pH balance.

The deodorizing action derives from Deo Complex, an extremely effective synergy of exclusive active ingredients with the following properties:

  • Prevents odor
  • Destroys or inhibits growth of bacteria
  • Shrinks pores, absorbs oil and reduces sweat
  • Inhibits odor (converts the volatile fatty acids that cause odor into odorless salts).


The roles of vitamin C in skin health:

• antioxidant action: inhibits lipid peroxidation
• restructuring action: promotes skin collagen synthesis and inhibits collagen degradation
• depigmenting action: reduces oxidized melanin (brown-black pigment) through peroxidase, which transforms back into leucomelanin (colorless)

How to use

After bathing, apply an ample amount of deodorant. Does not leave any residue.

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