Vit Vit Cleansing Pads Telomerase 50'S

VIT VIT SKU: 33332731
Vit Vit Cleansing Pads Telomerase 50'S

Vit Vit Cleansing Pads Telomerase 50'S

VIT VIT SKU: 33332731
سعر عادي AED 64.01
  • Eliminates layers of dead skin without causing irritation.
  • Hydrates and calms the skin.
  • Repairs damaged skin
  • Remodeling and redensifying the epidermis
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 Clean and prepare your skin while fighting aging
Why limit yourself to cleaning when you can rejuvenate? These cotton cleaning discs are impregnated with a formula based on telomerase and gluconolactone than:

. Removes dead cells from the skin, leaving it clean and responsive.
. Amplifies the effect of creams, serums and masks by facilitating the penetration of assets.
. Improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
. Delays cellular aging.

Did you know that you can combat the effects of age from the DNA of cells themselves? The telomeres that protect its reproduction shorten after each duplicate, until they disappear and the cell stops reproducing and dies. With the telomerase we extend the life of your skin cells, improving their firmness and slowing down aging and wrinkles.

And you can start to notice its effects during your cleaning routine with the telomerase cotton cleaning discs. The soft cotton fabric is impregnated with a toner that prepares the skin for later uses.

Its formulation with telomerase and gluconolactone ( PHA ) dissolves the junction between dead cells, facilitating their elimination, and leaving the skin alive, clean and receptive to the anti-aging effect of the treatment.

Its soft exfoliation does not irritate and facilitates daily cleaning to enhance the effect of creams, serums and masks, whose results you will notice in less time.

1.- Take a cleaning disc and apply the molded part on the skin.

2.- Slide the disc over the face and neck, covering the entire surface, and trying to maintain the same direction.

3.- No need to squeeze or rub too hard.

4.- Once you clean the face, discard the disc: each one has enough active for a use.

You can now apply your favorite cream or serum!

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