Omron M2 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON SKU: 33331313
Omron M2 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron M2 Intelli IT Blood Pressure Monitor

OMRON SKU: 33331313
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The M2 Intelli IT from Omron makes tracking over time reliable and accurate blood pressure measurements even easier. All it takes is to put the cuff in position, press “Start” and the device will take a blood pressure reading and automatically store the result in the OMRON connect app. Ready to share with your doctor.


  • Accurate measurement: The OMRON M2 Intelli IT is clinically validated and comes with a built-in cuff wrap and body movement indicators making for reliable readings at home.
  • Simple operation: No complicated interfaces or instructions, it only takes one touch to measure your blood pressure. Press ‘START’ and wait for your reading.
  • Easy-to-read display: The OMRON M2 Intelli IT comes with a large screen that switches off automatically and saves battery life.
  • Hypertension indicator: To help you understand your readings, the display shows a hypertension symbol when your systolic and diastolic pressure rise above normal values (135 mmHg for systolic pressure and 85 mmHg for diastolic pressure).
  • Connect to your health: The OMRON M2 Intelli IT synchronizes with the OMRON connect app. From the app you get one overview to track your blood pressure and other key health parameters.


Device type Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
 Cuff type Medium Cuff 22–32 cm
 Memory 30 Readings
 Cuff wrap guide Yes
 Irregular heartbeat detection Yes
 Body Movement Detection Yes
 Validation Clinical Validation
 Intellisense Technology Yes
 Consumer or Professional Consumer
 Storage case included Yes
 Connected Yes
 Compatible mobile app Compatible with Omron connect app
 Weight (kg) 0.25
 What’s in the box M2 Intelli IT blood pressure monitor,CM2 Medium Cuff (HEM CR24) 22 32 cm,Instruction manual 1 and 2,Batteries,Storage case,Compatibility
 Item dimensions (mm) 103 x 140 x 82

What's in the box

M2 Intelli IT blood pressure monitor
CM2 Medium Cuff (HEM CR24) 22 32 cm
Instruction manual 1 and 2
Storage case

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