Sol Leon After Sun Lotion Silk Effect 400ml

Sol Leon SKU: 33327961
Sol Leon After Sun Lotion Silk Effect 400ml

Sol Leon After Sun Lotion Silk Effect 400ml

Sol Leon SKU: 33327961
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prevents your tan from being washed away and your sun-stressed skin and hair from drying further.

Super-delicate special complex with plant extracts that preserve and intensify your tan.

Formulated to thoroughly cleanse the skin and hair while maintaining their physiological pH balance.


This colored complex, in addition to its pleasant results from an aesthetic point of view, increases the horny layer’s filtering power against UV rays.


Prepares and maintains a rapid, intense, and bright tan by stimulating the skin’s natural defenses against the harmful effects of the sun.


This Vitamin E concentrate is recommended for restoring hydration levels in dry and severely dry skin types thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing action

MALLOW extract

Its high sugar content makes mallow an irreplaceable ingredient for soothing burns and skin irritations caused by environmental factors.

CAMOMILE and ALFA BISABOLOL EXTRACT common herbal plant with renowned sedative and calming properties.

PANTHENOL (PROVITAMIN B5)vitamin with a moisturizing, humectant, anti-redness, and regenerating effect on the skin tissue; greatly effective against peeling.

How to use

use as a normal soap in the shower or as a foaming bath gel.

Add one or two spoonfuls to bathwater at the desired temperature and soak for a few minutes.


bottle, 400 ml

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