Swiss Energy Black Garlic 20 Soft Gels

Swiss Energy Black Garlic 20 Soft Gels

Swiss Energy Black Garlic 20 Soft Gels

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  • Cholesterol level control
  • Support in blood pressure decrease
  • Aid for glucose level stabilization
  • Fight against infections & a source of vital energy
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Swiss energy black garlic capsule contains high-quality special black garlic extract supplemented with valuable b vitamins that help maintain vital body functions such as heart function, iron metabolism, nervous system, mental functions and energy metabolism, and to reduce fatigue and tiredness.

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily, 2 at once or throughout the day. Small, soft capsules are pleasant to swallow and can usually be taken by people who have problems swallowing large tablets or capsules. Before use, consultation with a doctor is recommended. Gluten free, lactose free, without preservatives.

Composition (in 2 capsules):

Black Garlic extract : 260 mg/ NA

Vitamin B1

1.1 mg / 100%* NRV
Vitamin B2 1.4 mg / 100%* NRV
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg / 100%* NRV

* Nutrient Reference Value

The extract in these capsules is made using a special Argentine garlic that undergoes a natural fermentation process in Japan, using a centuries-old and intricate method. Fresh garlic is aged (fermented) naturally, without genetic engineering, under controlled conditions for a long period of time, which causes the sugar and amino acids in the garlic to produce melanoidins. These yellow-brown to almost black organic compounds are responsible for the black color of the garlic. Due to the fermentation process, the garlic becomes very soft in consistency. The Black Garlic capsules contain a special extract of black, fermented garlic, as well as B-Group vitamins (B1 and B2). These vitamins promote normal cardiac function, maintenance of normal red blood cells, normal iron metabolism, normal function of the nervous system, normal mental function, reduction of fatigue and tiredness, normal energy exchange, maintenance of normal mucosa, maintenance of normal skin, maintenance of normal vision, and also help protect cells from oxidative stress.

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