Denti-Pop Lollipop Choco Wow Box 40s

Denti-Pop. SKU: 33327630
Denti-Pop Lollipop Choco Wow Box 40s

Denti-Pop Lollipop Choco Wow Box 40s

Denti-Pop. SKU: 33327630
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  • Prevent teeth decay.
  • Delivers daily vitamin D dose.
  • Helps to keep healthy teeth and bones.
  • Healthy dessert.
  • Reduces sugar consumption.
  • Reduces obesity, only 15 calories in one lollipop.
  • Supports the immunity.

Denti-Pop Sugar-Free Lollipop CHOCO-WOW is a product created by mothers with care about children's health and requirements.

Lollipop contains only natural ingredients. Free from sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors. Denti-Pop Sugar-Free Lollipop is a natural and effective product that strengthens children's immunity and supports the normal development of teeth and bones.

Basic ingredients contain in the lollipop are xylitol, isomalt and vitamin K&D. Xylitol is a sweetener derived from birch-tree. In contrast to sugar as glucose, fructose, saccharose, lactose; xylitol does not ferment in the digestive tract.

Has antibacterial and anticaries, boosts teeth mineralization, and prevents otitis infection. Stevia which has an exceptionally low glycemic index, healthy lollipop can be consumed by diabetics and people with overweight.

Two lollipops ensure a daily dose of vitamin D, called “sun vitamin”, which intake for children's skeleton and teeth health. Vitamin K contributes to normal blood clotting. Denti-Pop Sugar-Free Lollipop is the healthiest dessert for every child.

It has a delicious, cocoa flavor and contains only natural cocoa aromas. The lollipop is recommended by Oral Health Foundation and Polish Dental Association.

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