Vit Vit Vitamin C Cleansing Pads 50'S

VIT VIT SKU: 33333804
Vit Vit Vitamin C Cleansing Pads 50'S

Vit Vit Vitamin C Cleansing Pads 50'S

VIT VIT SKU: 33333804
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  • Protects from cell aging with his power antioxidant.
  • Reduces stains and unifies skin tone.
  • Eliminates dead skin
  • Skin will be bright and receptive
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Deep cleaning that illuminates and reduces staining

 These pads soft cotton fabric are impregnated with a special formula that:

. Eliminates dead skin with a soft exfoliation than renew surface layers.
. Protects from cell aging with his power antioxidant.
. Reduces stains and unifies skin tone.
. Create a barrier that retains moisture, providing better hydration


Cleaning discs hide a surprise for you: a concentrated serum based on 3-0 acid Ethyl Ascorbic, a derived from vitamin C that works like bleaching agent for reduce blemishes, unify skin tone and protect it from rust.

The mixture of alpha-hydroxy acids in the formula causes a mild exfoliating effect on the superficial layers of the skin, completely eliminating dead cells and leaving the renewed and receptive surface for the absorption of the other assets that impregnate the disc, as well as the creams or serums that you apply later.

If you have skin turned off or stained, these are the cleaning discs you need to return the luminosity, a balanced and unified tone, and a soft and silky touch like never before.

1.- Take a pad cleaner and apply to the skin.

2.- Slide the disc over the entire face and neck surface, trying to maintain the same direction.

3.- Do it gently, it is not necessary to rub or rub hard.

4.- Once you clean the face, discard the disc: each one has enough active for a use.

5.- You can now apply your favorite cream or serum!







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