Why Spermotrend capsules ?

Every day, all over the world, increasingly more couples have to go to specialised centres in the hope of solving their infertility problems. In the past, female infertility was thought to be the main cause of this problem, but in the course of time, those of us who work in the field of Gynaecology, which is such a delicate issue, are convinced that the initial statistics concerning the prevalence of infertility in women is now just pure myth.

The male factor is the main cause of infertility in numerous couples that go to the doctor every day, the percentage of which surpasses that of female infertility in many places. Not everyone have access to the high-tech assisted reproduction techniques which compensate for any spermatogenesis. Many studies have been carried out in the hope of improving the sperm quality in men.

Antioxidants play an important role in the spermiogenesis, but so far no product has been found that really meets the expectations of improving the spermatogenesis in the short term. A product that naturally or through low- tech assisted reproduction techniques improves the pregnancy rates among couples that suffer from this type of disorder.

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Instruction of Use Oral

How to use: Their intake is recommended 3 capsules a day at least one month.


Active substance: L Carnitine - Fructose - Vitamin B12 - Selenium - Vitamin C - Zinc, folic acid - Arginine - Vitamin E - Vitamin B6 - Pygeum africanum 

High efficacy in infertility by varicocele

Its vasodilating effect improves venous return and regulates testicular temperature, which favours a correct spermatogenesis that shows itself in the increase of the sperm quantity and quality in the spermiograms.

Healthy sperm increases fertility

Oxidative stress plays an important role in male reproduction capacity and is associated with the deterioration of sperm quality.

SPERMOTREND® is a combination of specific antioxidants that help improve sperm quantity, quality, and motility, and, as a consequence of it all, fertility. SPERMOTREND°does not have side effects

SPERMOTREND® contains:

Fructose: Essential for sperm motility.

Folic acid: Increases sperm concentration.
Sodium selenite: Maintains sperm structure.
Carnitine: Improves sperm volume.
Arginine: Vasodilator.
Pygeum africanum: Prostatic protector.
Zinc sulphate: Essential for sperm activity.

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